Friday, May 14, 2010

secrets, lies, rumours and all that bullshit

Its incredible to believe how immature people are. I'm totally upset at people for letting this get this far. It's heartbreaking to know that people you love(d) and trust(ed) never had those qualities at all. I do not understand how you think it would get you far. I have never liked your personality and I'm just sick of this and you. I will never trust you again.

When things blow up, I feel that it is right for me to take a stand and fix it. I know that sometimes I should put a brave face on and ignore the idiots in life, but thats not me. I will not walk around and be thought of something I am not. I will talk it out, I will work it out. I am there for the people who are genuine and are involved and I will prove myself because I do not want to seem lower than those who spread the bullshit.

I have no words for you because I can not find the words that now describe my hatred for you. You need to learn to grow up, face the real world, stop fucking around, be nice, be mature and stop thinking that what youre doing is fun. You do not understand how many people you have hurt, and its not just me. Even the little hurt, it still matters. Its not fun and games, you're messing with peoples emotions, lives and relationships. Some of which are your friends. Although I am not targetting just one person in this paragraph, things have gone way too far.

I am sticking up for myself and my friends and this is because lies do not deserve to remain in the harsh atmosphere that we must live in. It's time to put your bitch face on.

p.s. everything is getting to me. my mother, and especially this fly...

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