Monday, May 10, 2010

Run through

Monday. I am possibly one of those rare ones who actually like Monday's. Any place but home please.
It started off by being embraced by the presence of Julie & Brenda. We caught up with the gossip and had heaps of giggles. Shoutoutz to Cassie and Katie as they make me way excited. First two was incredibly boring, Art theory was basic, repetitive and cold. Recess was recess. Dance was productive, more productive than usual to be honest. finally. I have choreographed over 3 minutes, which means all i have to do now is refine the piece, then i'm done! I will be hitting the city shortly inwhich i will hopefully be seeing Terina and also maybe be able to purchase new buttons for the red blazer. I am also way excited to go to Glebe this saturday with Elton. That's about it for now. kthanxbye.x

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