Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm leaving you alone.

Because honestly, I really couldn't and don't give a fuck. But you obviously still run through my head cause you made me that way. Why would I want to care?
I fucked up & I can admit that. So I'm going to leave you alone.
You hid me and 'cheated' on me. But I don't want to bring it up with you anymore cause I don't want to talk to you. And that bit of me wants you to read this. We're both wrong but honestly, this is the worst I've ever done. I'm a good, nice, productive and smart person. I know I'm a good friend and I'm not going to let you stop me from telling myself that. You're just one person & stop thinking everything is about you. You as well have changed and admit it. A good reason to why I regret it is because...I dislike who you portray yourself to be. Yeah life's about fun. but calm the fuck down. Everyone's different, so I'm just letting out my steam. I honestly do wish you all the best.

My life is gun.

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