Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Completely fuddled.

It's the last day of study for the HSC for me. It's dragged on to the point where I'm completely de-motivated.
I only pray that I'll get through tomorrow with a smile on my face. I hope it won't be a complete disaster that I second guess all my answers. I only hope that my mind will completely forget it all and say...
'Hey! it's over. No need to worry now. No regrets. You did the best you could.' 
Senior Science was a huge mistake. But this is the time to make them, deal with it. So I've done a good share of study for it today. More than I expected. And surprisingly, I actually knew what I was talking about. I just hope the son of a bitch Board of Studies doesn't throw and shocker like they did with maths. 
Hurry the fuck up. In practically 24 hours. My HSC will be done. 

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