Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Hills

Im just a normal girl who is comfortable with who she is and I dont believe in changing for anybody. - LC

Let her come after me… Start a war. - Audrina

There’s always that on guy you will always go back to. Even though you date other people in between, you are always in the back of your mind hoping to run into that guy. - LC

Its not the end. It’s just “to be continued.” - Audrina

My favorite stories are my stories with you, and my favorite memories are my memories with you. - Heidi

Its like, Im on this roller coaster with him. But whatever, roller coasters are fun - Audrina

I want to forgive you… and i want to forget you. - LC

Whenever you’re ready to grow up, come and find me. - Audrina

LC: I just dont want to be the person to pick up the pieces again.
Whitney: And you wont. Dont let yourself be that person. Maybe the best thing is to not talk to him for a while. And let him fall down and pick himself up.

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