Sunday, July 4, 2010

testing testing 1, 2, 3

This is going to be a deep survey, think you can handle that?

I'll try, but im not pouring my heart and soul for a survey i chose to do our of boredom.
Are you 100% over the last person you kissed?

Are you texting anybody?
Not at the moment, but I have been

What does your last text message say?
Theres non :( awww ok sorry. omg what was her reply. phone might die any second.

What were you doing at 7:30 last night?
In the city leaving BBQ king on my way to aunt and uncs place.

Looking back now, did you ever waste too much time on someone that treated you badly?
No, i dont think so

Have you hugged someone today?

Have you ever kissed in a basement?
Nope! sounds comfortable but haha
Do you still hangout with any of your ex boyfriends/girlfriends?

Who was the last person in your bed besides you?

Have you ever looked at the stars with someone?
yes, but i cant recall that moment

Does anyone hate you?
most probably

Do you usually tell people when your mad at them?

Could you go a month without talking to your bestfriend?

Do you have someone of the opposite sex to tell everything to?
I think so.

What if your ex found out you fell in love with another person?
He would be happy for me lol

If you were granted one wish what would you wish for?
My future to be perfect

Do you trust all of your friends?

Would you rather love one person or have many short relationships?
thats hard. probably one.

Do you remember who you liked at this time 3 months ago?
yes i do.

If an ex said they hated you, you say?
why? (i would be upset btw)

Is there someone you used to talk to everyday that you don’t talk to at all?
I think everyone has one

Could you ever be friends with the person who hurt you most in life?
no way.
When was the last time you talked to one of your bestfriends?
few seconds ago

Are you happy?

Have you ever had to choose between two people? If so, was it hard?
i think so. and yeah it was, but it was the right choice

Has anyone really broken you, and if so, has it changed you?
mm nah

Have you ever lost a friend(s)?

Do you honestly have any regrets?

Missing anybody?

Are you in any kind of emotional pain?
comes and goes but yes.

Is it easier for you to pretend like everythings okay?
nope. i can never hide it.

Have you ever felt like somebody just forgot you existed?

Ever received a really long apology?
yes i have! :)

What do you bite more, your tongue, lip, or nails?
tongue or lip.

What’s on your mind?
what i bite more, my tongue, lip or nails ahaha
Are you mean?
i like to say im a very nice person, if they are back :) but i can be
Does it bother you when someone lies to you?
it would to everyone

Would you rather go back a week or forward?

Do you remember who you liked on New Years?

Are promises important to you?
Did anything “cute” happen this week?
i guess so?
Have you ever copied someone elses homework?
ha! yeah

What month were you born in?
lol thats personal. march

How have you felt today?
happy, content, cold

Do you look decent when you wake up?
lol no.

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