Saturday, July 24, 2010


200. My first name is: Listy

199. I was born on: 31/03/1993

198. I am really: eager to go to the markets

197. My cell phone company is: 3

196. My eye color is: dark brown

195. My shoe size is: 8

194. My ring size is: small

193. My height is: 160 something?

192. I am allergic to: dustmites

191. I was born in: Australia

190. I live in: Western Sydney

189. The last book I read: The Story of Tom Brennan --'

188. My bed is: WARMMMMMMMM

187: One thing you hate about yourself: my fear of rejection and failure. Also my ability to be intimidated easily.

186. One thing you’ve always secretly wanted: a horse

185. The best popcicles: Paddle pop!

184. Corn: yeah? its nice haha

183. Ever used a typewriter? yeah, but not fur reals

182. Did you ever have a NEOPETS account? everyone should admit they have. and yes i have

181. Plaid: is a pattern lol

180. The Price Is Right: is a show i never watched

179. My favorite Holiday is: Europe
177. The last three cd’s I bought are: Paramore Brand New Eyes, and i forget the rest.

175. Are you single or taken? singlez

174. If your taken, by who?

173. Do you like being single/taken? don't mind either.

172. Camping means: going out in the cold roughing it lol

171. What did you do last night? i slept.

169. If you were a pro artist: I would paint my life away

168. Mario or Luigi: lol. mario

167. Mix Matched Socks: yep! errwhereeeee

166. Thanksgiving means: A time of thanksgiving, which is not celebrated here.

165. Old School: is cool!

164. Been on vacation without your family: no i havnt, that day, i think i will officially feel like an independent woman.

163. How many Disney movies do you own? i cbf counting thanks

162. What makes you smile: theres 128937894762895 possibilities

161. First thing you do when you get home from school: change!

159. Best form of entertainment: MOVIEZZZZZZ

158. Do you use a certain towel: haha no, but i have my favourites.

157. Paris: Oh yeah.

156. Music: always loved it, but the passion is growing on me

155. How much change do you have in your pocket: got no pockets.

154. You’re obsessed with: d.a.n.c.e

153. Dixie Chicks: OLD

152. WWE: yeah what?

151. Means of Transportation: foot, public, parents, horse...jokez.

150. Double Decker buses: london :P

149. Ever been in a Limo: nope

148. Closest thing to you on your left: pencil

147. Best kind of soup: pumpkin

146. Your earliest memory: going to the aiport and having to wake up @ 4?

145. Have you ever been in a car accident: yes i haveeeeeee. scarezzzzz

144. Birthday Candle Wishes? dont remember, i think they slip my mind.

143. Sex before marriage? i say no, but dont think thats going to happen

142. Love at first sight? havnt experienced so no.

141. Luck? yep! ill take ANY luck

140. Fate? could happen

139. Yourself? when the time comes.

138. Aliens? eek. i think so

137. Heaven? yes

136. Hell? eek. yeah?

135. Ghosts? eek. yes

134. Horoscopes? yep

133. Soulmates? i think so.

Which is Better? /+

132. Tim Hortons or Starbucks: idk what tim hortons is, and neither have i had starbucks. so starbucks cause i know what it is atleast lol

131. Fast or Slow: fassssssst

130. Snowmen or Snowforts: snowmen

129. Hugs or Kisses? hugs

128. Drunk or High: high

127. Phone or Online: phone

126. Red heads or Black hair: black hair

125. Blondes or Brunettes: brunette

124. Hot or cold: hot

123. Summer or winter: summer

122. Comedy or Horror movies: horror.

121. Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla

120. Night or Day: day

119. Oranges or Apples: apples

118. Curly or Straight hair: straight

117. Present or Cards: presentz

Here’s What I Think About /+

116. Abortion: against my religion, i think its horrific and horrible. disgusting. no offence.
115. Backstabbers: should get fucked.
114. Your Parents: are heaps annoying, but i need to find my love for them.

113. Suicide: is sad.

112. Rap Music: awezomeeeeeeee

111. Love: can not be experienced in your teenage eyars. Love is deep, and only you know when it truly is love.

Last time I /+

110. Ate without Utensils: today, maccas

109. Wrote an essay: last week?

108. Went swimming: when summer was in town

107. Did something you didn’t want to: yeah i forget

106. Broke something: cbf thinking now.

105. Flew a kite: AWWW WHEN I WAS LIKE 8?

104. Watched a video on Youtube: 30 mins ago
103. Went out of town: Today

102. Ate something: couple of hours ago

94. Used a Video Camera: monas.

93. Dressed up: idk.

Who /+

92. Who swears the most: me

91. Who is the most adorable: mysty the cat

90. Who is the ditziest person you know: me HA. nah idk.

89. Who makes you laugh the most: cant think of anyone
87. Who eats the most: divya
86. Who does stupid things with you: me

85. Who makes fun of you: a lot of people

84. Who are you jealous of: amazing dancers

More /+

83. The last movie I watched, with who: after life. with rents. shit weird movie

82. What I don’t understand: a lot of things.

81. The reason Tafe sucks is because: who said it does?

80. The most unsatisfactory answer I’ve ever received is: mhm. or k.

79. Have you ever disected a frog? nah
78. Something you own, and you don’t know why: my little pony

77. The best smell: coffee, rain, wet dog...jokez.

76. Best feeling: accomplishment, performing, compliments and especially ACCEPTANCE
75. Something I will really miss when I leave home is: my parents

74. The thing that I’m looking forward to the most: next year. uni.

73. The thing that I’m not looking forward to is: trials. hsc. auditions

72. Today: I went to do a dance class with angel & it was awesome. highlight of my day!

71. Summer: is a craving

70. Next Week: will be a bore.

69. What food do you buy when you see a movie at a theater: popcorn? choc top?

68. Do you make things up to make your stories more interesting: haha i make things sound funnier e.g. put on a funny voice. or just explain things in detail more. and put in my assumptions

67. People call me: list, listyloo, tee

66. Do you have any regrets? maybe

65. What are you afraid of? rejection. failure NOTHINGGGGGGG!

64. What/who do you miss? someone, dancing.
63. Are you happy? well im not sad.

62. The person who knows the most about me is: idk. theres a few?

61. Your closest family member is: my mum/dad? aunt?

60. The most difficult thing I did in the past week is: prac for alladin

59. I have gotten a speeding ticket: no

58. Are you insecure: yea ofcourse

57. Would you eat green eggs and ham? green eggs? wtf.

56. My zodiac sign is: aries

55. The first person I talked to today was: my dad or mum

54. First time you had a crush: primary?

53. The one person you can't hide things from: r.

52. Last time someone said something, same time you did? idk, but probs marisa. lol

53. Right now I am talking to: friends

50. What is your dream job? D.A.N.C.E.R
49. First job? none

48. I have/will get a job at? the end of hsc. hope.

47. I have these pets: 2 cockatoos, 3 lorikeets, fishies, possessed s.a parrot and a cat.

46. I hope: to get accepted at waapa

45. The worst feeling in the world: rejection. & failure

44. The person that makes me cry the most is: IDK!!!!!!

43. Will you buy that special card for $15 to save 10% at a store? hell no.

42. Like wearing Hats? yeah theyre aiight

41. Best number : dont got one.

40. Favourite day: dont got one

39. My boy/girlfriend is: on the moon

38. Tape: old, still used but

37. Boxers: are comfy?

36. When I wake up in the morning: i feel disgustingggggggg

35. Florida or Hawaii: florida

34. Your favourite picture: any off  my tumblr

33. My favorite pieces of clothing are: anything but pants.

32. My favorite sport is: dance LOL but i wouldnt call it a 'sport'

31. Last time I cried: idk?

30. My friends: are amazing

29. My computer is: is gay

28. The TAFE I go to is: dont go

27. Last person I got mad at: mum?

26. Can you draw a straight line without a ruler? no

25. Pens or Pencils: pen

24. Do you do things, just to annoy people? sometimes if i feel amused enough

23. Stopping for directions? yeahh

22. The all-time best movie is: the lion king. forgot the other one ahaha!

21. The all-time best thing in the world is: ME JOKES. life

20. Your favourite song at the moment: bust your windows

19. Mini Eggs are: huh? easter eggs?

18. The most annoying person you know is: hmmmmmm could name a few. not here

17. I lose respect for people who: dont have good morals, values, outlooks in life. who treat me like shit. who need a reality check.

16. The movies I have cried at are: hsm 3 LOL idk whate else! IM TIRED. GO AWAY!

15. Closest friend: m,r,j,a,a

14. Overalls:are cute!
13. Favorite web site: tumblr, fb, blogspot. and the ones in my favourite list.

12. I want to be: the most amazing dancer.

11. The worst pain I was ever in was: idk.

10. My favorite words are: shady!
9. My room is: ok.

8. My favorite celebrity is: lauren conrad, selena gomez, whitney port.

7. Which artist/band do you hate: i forget, but when i hear it i go EW or EHH

6. Tums are: huh?

5. My weakness is: idk CBF

4. What I like about the opposite sex is: styleeeeee, shoessss, pantsssss, loooooks, personalityyyyyy

3. Who broke your heart: no one

2. One thing that makes you feel great is: succeeding in dance.

1. You filled out 200 questions because: i was excited but now THIS IS SO KML! FUCK MY LIFE SO NOT BOTHERED OK BYE

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