Monday, June 14, 2010


1. Your ‘ex’ and you: are good friends

2. I am listening to: the sounds of the kitchen and oprah winfrey show
3. Maybe I should: go to visit steph
4. I love: everything right now
5. My best friends: are marisa, julie, alfi, angel, rhiannon
6. I don’t understand: what people see in my dancing
7. I lost my respect for: fake people with unappealing personalities.
8. I last ate: a potato nugget
9. The meaning of my display name is: nickname
10. Someday: i'd love to come successful in dance and shine over others :)
11. I will always be: up for new friendships
12. Love is: deep
13. I never ever want to lose: any important person in my life
14. My MySpace is: abandoned
15. I get annoyed when: my parents do almost anything to wreck my mood
16. Parties: are fun but rare for me
17. Kisses: are cute and kinky
18. Today I: studied for math
19. I wish: i had more control over my life, confidence and a life.
20. I regret: um, nothing right now.

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