Sunday, June 20, 2010


My ballet exam is over and Im so happy cause everything serious this term is over. I just want to fuck around and have a good time. Take it easy and dance till i die.
Im so glad that i now dont have to feel guilty for continuously eating fatty foods like coke, and cupcakes. And i counted 29 pins in my hair. shocking!
Im crazy happy and now that everythings over, im inspired to blog, to shop, socialise and go out go out go out. Excuse the hideous face, but its refreshed and stress-ridden :)
Now im looking forward to making over the new bathroom, making over my bedroom, sushi, aladdin, concert + late nights at school. oh! I am also so happy now cause i can throw my body around without being afraid to break it because of my exam. Which means experimentation with movezzzzzz and just going W1LD as my school year is almost over :(

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