Saturday, May 29, 2010


Neutral, boring day. Thinks sucked and not many things were good. I'm incredibly sick of my parents for different reasons.
I am desperate for a new journal from Typo, because I've been motivated by Angel's personal diary.
It's cold and it pisses me off.
But other than that, I am deeply inlove with Bruno Mars. His music never fails to satisfy my ears and each song is good enough to download.
I have also been browsing around for dress ideas for the amazing Emily. I am so excited to start working on it, and i'm so happy that she is happy with doing it for me.
I have become sick and tired of ballet. Doing it three times a week kills me and i just have not been bothered to put all  my strength and ability into it. My exam is in a few weeks, and this attitude isn't helping. I just hope that me week at Sydney West helps me relax over ballet and having that other week before my exam hopefully should get me in the right mindset. I am also extremely excited for this years concert, I am praying in a female character and that we will be either doing aladdin, the hunchback of notre dame or pocahuntas. If im not a female character, I will cry :)

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