Sunday, April 25, 2010

kids, let me tell you a story

I'm bored while i wait for my banana cupcakes to cook. Hopefully they will turn out sucessful, so i am going to write to you. Tomorrow, i have a day off and i hope i get new pointe shoes. If we end up going to the shop, im crossing my fingers that the Capezio shoe is nice. Im destined to find the one and only shoe! Hopefully they also have other shoe brands.

So other than that, my banana cupcakes are ready for icing, but they must cool down. So, i am shitting my pants for when the phone bill come in. i can not be bothered sucking up by playing the piano. I might just hide in my room and study. Itll do me good :)
I also can not be bothered to complain about life, cause im pretty happy at the moment, so whatever!
The Entrance is such a nice place, i wish we stayed there longer and over night. I also wish we wont the lottery.

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