Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why can't you see, you belong with me

lancing act to be honest wasn't a huge motivational day, but i did get some work in today and it feels good. I also got a shouting at by Amvrazis today because i rejected my position in company. I was called stupid and that what i did was a stupid thing to do. I was so torn, angry & upset. Because ultimately it wasmy choice, and who was she to say that. It was completely rude of her. She doesn't understand how much i love my cirsumstances at the moment and how i'm not asking for more, because i might just grow to hate it. Although maybe i don't understand how much of an opportunity this is, but it was my choice and i so far don't regret it. She should be considerate of my feelings because in the end, what will she do about it? And was it very nice of her to even say that? Either way, there was pros and cons, but i just want to work on killing my intermediate exam & my hsc and especially my dance hsc exam.

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