Thursday, March 11, 2010


"I am the most happiest person in the world because i have two beautifully, bosoming, tanned girls who i can proudly call my sisters."
Keveene Penilla
(8) do you remember, all of the times we had
I was first captivated by Keveene's beauty & refreshing personality in our year ten Japanese and science classes. She is an incredibly amazing friend who had been through so much of my dilemas & always spends time with me.
Max Brenner, Katy Perry, pudgey, prawn crackers, mcdonalds nuggest & chips made at home, guitar & piano, scary movies, sleepovers, sandwhiches at keveenes crib.
Angelica Flores
The angel of all angel's is Angelica Flores, and we dance and turn to the end of time. We pray together & always have eachothers sides. She never forgets to remind me of how much of a bad singer i am, but i know she's joking. She's just incredibly jealous. She is a very talented boy and will get very far in life, so god bless Angel.

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