Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm sixteen. Fuck the world

I'm craving mcdonald's so bad it is killing me completely! I was tempted today to have something from mcdonald's and i declined, which is an amazing thing. Scripture today brought back a lot of memories that i completely regret. Today was a very mixed emotions day but you get through it. Dancing had taken me into this new world. I am heavily intrigued by the dance clothes in Bloch which makes me want to stack up. I will happily walk around town looking like a gym junkie, dancer because i will wear those clothes around. Dance pants are the most amazing pants i have ever worn and i will not get over it's comfortability.
I am also so motivated by ballet, although i honestly need to gain energy to get myself through it. I need more energy and i don't know how to get it. food and drinks don't exactly work, sleep does, but i never end up getting the amount i need. tomorrow is friday which allows me to catch up on sleep which is such a good thing. And all this studying is starting to depress me, and itll only get worse. I think that means more hair loss for me. Not too long till my birthday and i'm pretty excited! i am so excited for the holidays too. the socialising side to it but. Im nervous for my party cause i really want to please but we shall see! I love my friends. they are what makes up my day. and tomorrow im planning on teaching the group some ballet which should be so fun. We'll see how much of a good teacher i am!
peace out.

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