Saturday, February 27, 2010

Because I'm not asking for more

The life of a dancer
I am so sick of hearing this even if it's true in so many ways. I have officially turned down my offer to be in senior company. The only reason that I actually wanted to do it was because of all the pressure & because the offer was elite and overwhelming. Although after talking to people, I realised that it probably won't get me anywhere. Sure it looks good on my file and such, but it all depends on how good you are. I'm missing out on an opportunity to get connections and know people, but opportunities will arise again and I can wait. I do not want to jeopardise my HSC and ballet for this company. Fleur reckons I would leave ballet for the company if i did join, but that will never happen because she is the reason for my dancing in the first place. So it totally made me back away from company. Rejecting the offer has allowed me to become slightly more motivated and connected to my school, school ensemble and ballet because its officially a special part of my life. I have the slightest bit of regret and it will grow, but I love where I am at the moment. I didn't do this audition to get in in the first place. I'm satisfied with my circumstances right now, and I'm not asking for more, because I don't need it. I'm not going to push it.

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